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'Enrich your life by making a positive and meaningful difference to the lives of others' - Jeffrey Young


We need a strong team of passionate volunteers and interns to help us bring The Coffee Waterfall Mosaic to life. Opportunities include:


Kit Designers

Responsible for designing, assembling and distributing mosaic making kits to the local community.


Creative Coordinators

We need a group of creative individuals to help us coordinate the construction of the mosaic by overseeing the mosaic making sessions in local schools and community centres.  


Event Promoters

We will be holding a number of fun and engaging events throughout the construction process of the mosaic which will lead up to our launch event at the London Coffee Festival 2014. We are looking for a team of enthusiastic individuals to help promote these events.



In addition to our volunteer positions, we will be running a number of unpaid internships in the following areas:


- Social Media, PR and Communications

- Campaigns Management

- Creative Design

- Community Engagement


If you are interested in applying for any of these opportunities, or wish to share any other ideas, please contact for more information.

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