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We're a quirky bunch of individuals who share a passion for coffee, art and culture.


Jeffrey Young



Jeffrey founded the Allegra Group in 1999 and since then has launched a number of charitable ventures including UK Coffee Week, The Coffee Art Project, The London Coffee Festival and The London Coffee Guide. These initiatives raise money for Project Waterfall, an initiative established by The Allegra Foundation.


Jeffrey came up with the idea for The Coffee Waterfall Mosaic after being creatively inspired by a project in Sydney which involved making a ‘Mona Lisa’ mosaic from coffee cups.




Rebecca Hodgson

Project Manager


Rebecca is a recent graduate from the University of York where she studied Social and Political Science. After spending her final semester in Copenhagen she’s been given the taste for city life and has decided to return to London.


She met Jeffrey in a small coffee shop in Soho, where they shared a table, some coffee and lots of ideas. She is passionate about coffee, art and the power of community engagement. When she heard about Jeffrey’s idea to create a mosaic out of one million coffee beans, her first reaction was ‘I want to be a part of that!’ 

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